811 E. Main St.
Allen, TX  75002

Feed your lawn
ferti-lome Lawn
Food + Iron  

Feed all of your
trees and shrubs
with ferti-lome
Tree & Shrub

Use ferti-lome
Weed & Feed
with Dimension to
feed and control
weeds before you
see them

Use ferti-lome
Weed-Out plus
Lawn Food to
feed and control
weeds in the lawn
Use ferti-lome
Azalea food on
Azaleas, Camellias
Gardenias and
other acid loving
Use ferti-lome
New Lawn Starter
prior to seeding,
sodding or
sprigging all of
your lawn grasses

ferti-lome Tomato
& Vegetable does
especially well on
all of your food

Special is a
versatile fertilizer
for any of your
garden plants

Use ferti-lome
Rose Food on
Roses and other
flowering shrubs
ferti-lome Fruit,
Citrus & Pecan
Food is ideal for
all of your fruit
and nut trees.
Color Star Fertilizer
blooming plant foods we have
Color Star is one of the best
ever come across.  Good for
any blooming plant in Color
Star is one of the best
containers or in the ground.
Comes in 2lb. 4lb. & 11lb. jars.
 Keep your container and we
will refill it at a fraction of the
original cost.
Neil Sperry's 24-0-0
Neil Sperry's Texas Best
Fertilizer is the newest highest
quality fertilizer on the market.  
Use on lawns, trees & shrubs.
(972) 727-1145
Puckett's is located at 811 E Main St.  Allen, Texas
ferti-lome root
stimulator helps
your plants root in
faster & alleviates
transplant shock
Blooming and
with water to
promote greener
foliage and bigger