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Puckett's is located at 811 E Main St.  Allen, Texas

811 E. Main St.
Allen, TX  75002
ferti-lome Ultimate Potting Mix- Our preferred potting mix.  Can be used in                
   wetting agent.
Jemasco Potting Soil- Composted pine bark with composted manure &                     
    sawdust.  Blended with peat moss & sand.
Gardenville Potting Soil- Peat moss, coir, rice hulls, compost, perlite, mill sand,         
    lava sand, greensand, granite, zeolite & worm castings.

Garden Soils-
Back To Nature Compost- 100% composted cotton burs.
Jemasco Landscape & Growers Mix- 70% pine fines, 15% sphagnum peat,              
    10% perlite, 5% sand.
Jemasco Top Soil- 50% sandy loam, 50% compost manure & sand & bark fines.
Jemasco Compost/Manure- Composted manure, bark & sand.
Vital Earth Azalea Mix- Made with fine pine bark and special chunky peat moss.         
    Great for all acid loving plants.
Soil Mender Raised Bed Mix- Composed of all-natural ingredients - organic topsoil,
composted cotton burrs, coir, expanded shale, lava sand, granite sand, basalt,
humate, montmorillonite & diatomaceous earth.

Jemasco Shredded Hardwood Mulch- Our preferred mulch.  Dark color and             
    heavy so it won't float or wash away.
Jemasco Aromatic Cedar Mulch- Light tan to almost reddish in color.  Very               
    fragrant and doesn't float or wash away.
Jemasco Pine Bark Mulch- Dark color but not very heavy.  Has more of a                  
    tendency to wash or float away.  The least expensive of the mulches.